Windows 10 Build 18312 (1903) Comes with New Features

The new preview of Windows 10 1903 (Build 18312) brings up the new dedicated storage space feature, the changing this computer reset screen and many improvements.

Windows 10 1903 Build 18312, which is the 18th preview version as part of version 1903, is now available on devices registered in the Windows Insider Program’s Fast channel.

Here is everything you need to know.

Windows 10 Version 1903 Build 18312

All changes and improvements that are expected to come with the 1903 release in April 2019 are:

Reserved Storage

Windows 10 Ayrılmış Alan Özelliği

Windows Updates poses too much trouble for devices with little storage space.

Microsoft will correct these issues by “reserved” disk space for updates in the next version of Windows 10, version 1903. Starting from the next major release (and now available by Insiders), Microsoft provides at least 7 GB of space on your hard drive. This place will not go completely wasted. Windows will store temporary files when there is no space for updates. When it’s time to update, Windows will automatically delete all files in the reserved storage space and use this space to download the update files.

Fiber Local Storage (FLS)

Also in this preview version, Windows 10 increases the allocation of Fiber Local Storage slots per process. This change will positively affect any application that dynamically loads hundreds or thousands of unique DLLs that have statically linked Visual C ++ run times or separating FLS slots.

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Reset this computer

If you use the Reset This Computer from version 18312, you will be able to complete Windows 10 with fewer steps with a new interface that is more consistent across devices with different configurations.

Windows Subsystem for Linux

Windows 10 From 18312, Windows Subsystem for Linux offers new functionality and new options to simplify management:

  • Combined command-line options – The command-line tool now includes the options available in the wslconfig command-line tool to manage your Linux distributions.
  • Import a deployment for easy installation, including out-of-system drivers – Use the port option to “-import” a tar file as a new distribution. You can specify the location of the deployment registry, including non-system drivers.
  • Export your WSL deployment for simpler media management – Use the “-export” option to export a distribution to a tar file. Your deployment is transferred to your default download location.
Additional Improvements

In addition to new features and changes, the 18312 comes in a few minor enhancements. For example, the title bar will now use the dark scheme as it moves to the dark theme.

It is now possible to disable the acrylic effect on the logon screen. This can be found in Group Policy Editor under Administrative Templates> System> Login> Clear logon background.

Windows 10 Version 1903 Build 18312 Download

The update is available immediately with Windows Insider Fast Ring. The preview structure is automatically downloaded and installed on your device, but you can always get the update by clicking Settings> Update and Security> Windows Update and Check for Updates.

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